History of Amparo High School

carinosIt was in 1979 when the community of Amparo Subdivision realized its need to have an institution for educatio11n in the secondary level in their area. During that year, the nearest public high schools were Tala High School and Bagong Silang High School. The local folks faced a great problem in reaching these schools because of their remoteness and inaccessibility especially during rainy season when the uncemented roads turn into mud. As a response to this problem, the officials of the Barangay decided to ask help from the local government of Caloocan. The request was granted. Six dilapidated academic rooms were constructed on the grounds of Amparo Elementary School. The newly established school was then an annex of Caloocan High School. The division officials designated Mrs. Estelita Reyes as its first School Head from 1979 to 1982. Because of its fast growing population, the school officials were forced to convert the two comfort rooms into classrooms and teachers held their classes even under the shed of trees.

Mrs. Aurora Sanglap took the office as School Head from 1982 to 1988. In her administration, the problem of congestion of students in a classroom was very much evident. The school administration decided to seek help from the local folks around the community. In 1988, a generous philanthropist donated a part of her real estate property to be the new site of Amparo High School. She is Dna. Amparo Francisco, a selfless widow who munificently donated a one hectare of land which is located at Marang St. Amparo Subdivision. At this point, the annex school got its independence.

In 1988, a Filipino teacher from Talipapa High School assumed the position of School Head of the newest secondary school of Caloocan City. Mrs. Dedicacion S. Alacon was assigned to spearhead the development of the institution. The first building that was constructed was the Carino’s building. It has eight academic rooms including the administration offices. The rooms of the building did not suffice the demands of school’s academic needs. The new school head did not take for granted the problem. She moved and made the necessary action. She solicited for help from both local and national office. The request granted. In 1993, the SEDP and THE buildings were constructed with nine academic rooms. After two years, another two buildings were built both have six academic rooms. The last academic edifice that was erected during her administration is the Echeverri Building thru the support of Congressman Recom Echeverri.

During the time of Mrs. Dedicacion S. Alacon, Amparo High School collected its pebbles that made the ripples so great, both academic and non – academic. The Division Office chose Amparo High School to be the Cleanest and Greenest among other schools of Caloocan for five consecutive years. A private computer school tied up with the curriculum for the computer literacy of the students. The SEAMEO INNOTECH, always chose the school to be the center of demo teaching for the visiting faculty from South East Asia. The school received awards from various agencies of the government and non-government agencies. In 1999, the members of the Journalism Club won for the first time the Press Conference National Level held at Tacloban, Leyte. Three of the finest writers and photo journalists bagged the 6th place out of hundreds of contestants from all over the country. Mr. Eric S. Reyes trained the said students.

One of the saddest part of the school’s history was when Mrs. Alacon bid goodbye to the faculty and students on September 23, 2000. She retired from the service with feathers on her cap and history definitely will always remember her as one of the best administrators of the division.

On the same year, a principal from Kalayaan High School was assigned as the new administrator of Amparo High School. Mrs. Florita V. Magdato, a social studies major, assumed the office with innovation on her mind. In three years, she made many changes for the betterment of the faculty and students. The school has now the covered court thru the generous support of Mayor Reynaldo 0. Malonzo and her wife, Mrs. Gigi Malonzo. The school increased its enrolment from 1300 to more than 2000 students.

The school answered to the call of the Department of Education for the computer and information technology literacy was included in the curriculum. With the effort and help of Community, Parents and Teachers Association (CPTA) the project called Computer Literacy Program was launched successfully. The program was established through the independent effort of CPTA in terms of facility, teaching force and financial matter. The computer learning center is the most functional facility in the school.

On the year 2003, the academic edifice – Echiverri building is finally completed with its ceiling and iron grills. It houses four learning rooms.

The principal’s office was completely renovated from the most traditional working place into a conducive one with most upgraded facilities – personal computer, fax machine and air conditioned and others.

On the same year, the academic buildings – Carino, Third year, and Fourth year buildings were renovated and rehabilitated through the help of Mayor Reynaldo 0. Malonzo.

The school principal. Dr. Florita V. Magdato, worked for the innovation and renovation of the facilities of the school in response to the increasing demands of the students’ population. Also, the facilities that were renovated through the combine force and effort of the administrator and the augmenting help of both Government Organizations – local and national government- and Non Governmental Organization namely – Abot Kamay Foundation.

Due to financial constraint of bloating population of the students, the CPTA worked together with the school administrator and launched the program, ‘Brigada Eskuwela.’ Through this program additional facilities like students’ comfort rooms, security guards, human main gate were constructed, an herbal garden was raised, and the drainage system was improved.

It was in June 22, 2005 when Amparo High School’s faculty and students bid goodbye to Dr. Florita V. Magdato and welcomed its new administrator. A former Mathematics teacher from NHC High School, promoted as Master Teacher in that school, served as School Head of MLQ High School for less that 3 years, and later went back to NHC High School as Secondary School Principal and served there for less than five years. She is Mrs. Josefina L. Aquino. Bringing with her a wealth of experience as a teacher and as a school administrator, she met the members of the faculty and the students of Amparo High School.

Mrs. Aquino introduced some changes in the system and policies of the school trying it to be productive, practical and progress-bound.

It was in her administration when Computer Literacy Program was given free. Her being supportive encourages not only the teacher but also the students thus, it resulted to winning contests and exceptional awards up to national level.

Despite the fact that her first priority is on academic excellence, the physical aspect of the school is not left behind. It was in her administration that the following improvements were made:

  • TLE Laboratory was renovated making it functional laboratory and a learning area as well.
    Renovation 0of the Administration Building giving a place for EMIS were school records are kept and school communications and reports are prepared.
  • It was on the same administration when the Social Studies Learning Center was completed. It is now a functional learning center and a mini museum at the same time.
  • Two comfort rooms which were not functioning were converted into a Guidance Office and Clinic.
  • Rehabilitation of a comfort room was made for teachers’ use.
  • A comfort room which was not functioning was converted into teachers’ nook where teachers can keep their personal belongings and where they can prepare their reports and teaching aids.
  • Renovation of the school library was done motivated students to stay for research.
  • Filipino Service Bureau was repainted which made its atmosphere conducive to studying.
  • A conference room was rehabilitated for the faculty and students’ use.
  • The space under the stairs of the TLE building was utilized where shop equipments are kept.
  • Entrance gate of the administration building was improved, a new one was fabricated while the old one was used at the teachers’ nook and shop.

And improvements do not end here, the assistance of NGO’s and LGU’s were sought for its continuous future development.

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